About Choosing Dunkirk

Choosing Dunkirk is a strategy for addressing problem property issues in Dunkirk, NY, in ways that bolster the strength and appeal of the city's neighborhoods – giving current and potential residents the confidence to choose to invest in Dunkirk. Its development was guided by a task force of city residents and stakeholders and included a comprehensive analysis of housing and market conditions on every block of the city. 

The final report, issued in March 2018, provides the following information and tools to assist city officials and their partners: 

  • An inventory of problem properties categorized into three general types: (1) properties that are vacant or at a high risk of vacancy; (2) rental properties that show signs of distress; and (3) owner-occupied properties that show signs of distress.   
  • The identification of five distinct housing sub-market types in Dunkirk – ranging from healthy to distressed – that describe housing conditions and investment behaviors on every residential block.
  • A set of principles to guide decision-making in an environment where resources are limited, the real estate market is generally soft, and conditions vary considerably from block to block. 
  • Recommended action steps to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes for problem properties, neighborhoods, and the city.  

To learn more about the implementation of this and other neighborhood and housing initiatives in the City of Dunkirk, please contact Matthew Bourke, Dunkirk's community development planner (e-mail: mbourke[at]cityofdunkirk.com).

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Choosing Dunkirk was prepared by czbLLC for the City of Dunkirk with funding from the Zombie Remediation and Prevention Initiative of the Office of the New York State Attorney General.